Medical services are provided by the doctors:

  • Adriana Popescu – specialty of family medicine
  • Florean Maria Cristina – specialty of family medicine

The medical service for students include the following:

  • consultations
  • health education
  • treatments
  • vaccinations
  1. Releasing and targeting of medical documentation (medical certificates for absences in classes, certificates to obtain medical release from physical education classes, medical certificates for dorm accommodation, medical certificates for Passport Service);
  2. Releasing tickets for referral to medical specialists for consultation;
  3. Diagnostic medical prescription for acute illness (3 days), with the possibility of extending prescriptions.

Hours: Monday – Friday: 08:00-13:00; 14:00 -19:00


Students who come to the medical center must present their ID and student card (Carnet) for establishing the above.


Tel: +40,232,219,430

Address: House 10, str. Petre Andrei, no. 9

(Copou, December 1 complex near Informatics High School), Iasi, Romania

Tip: For your first time get a taxi there, otherwise you will get lost.