Garda- Calls on duty

Every year, we have to do 4 Garda (shifts), during one semester.
The procedure:

1) You will have to contact the doctors who are on call on the department you are interested to follow in. The Garda takes place during the visit of the patients, usually in the afternoon. (This depends on the department)

2) Gather in groups of maximum 4 persons and go there to make your Garda!

3) Do 2 duties in Surgery and 2 in Internal Medicine (Nephrology, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, ENT etc)

4) When you complete them all, you will give the paper to your chief (responsible student of the seria-year)

5) The needed form, together with a list of doctors you can contact, will be shared from your chief during the semester, since they are updated every academic year.

Summer practice

-The summer practice is mandatory and it should last 3 weeks (3weeks-15days-8 hours per day).
– You can do it in your country or wherever you like.
It must be filled and signed by the summer practice coordinator (Professor/ Specialist doctor/Chief of the clinic).
-You have to scan it and send it to your chief before a specific date which will be announced from the Dean’s office.

-If you don’t do it, you will lose 2 credits.

-The form will be shared in beginning of July, since there is a different one each academic year.