In order to pass a subject you will have to pay attention to the following information:bologna-process

Firstly, for being able to pass a subject you will need minimum 5 (from a scale 1 to 10) at the class mark (10%), minimum 5 at the practical exam mark (40%) and minimum 5 at the final MCQ (50%). That means that if someone has 3 as a class mark, he will have to repeat the subject the following year as a credit exam. (art. 53 and art.109 according to regulament 2015).

Each subject has different number of credits; you can see on the link attached the subjects from the first year with their respective credits:

In order to go to the upcoming year, you will need to collect 45 credits, otherwise you will have to follow again the subjects of the first year.

In case someone has failed few subjects but fulfilled the needed 45 credits, he/she will have to do the failed subjects the following year on the credit examination periods (November/ December and March/ April).

The credit fee in order to attend the exam you failed the previous year is 80 euros per credit.

The student can move the credits until two year ahead; otherwise he/she will fail the present year.

For example, a third year student who didn’t manage to pass a subject of the first year on the credit sessions, he/she will remain as a third year student.